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ID See Below Name-Startup_Item Command Comments
Database Results Error
[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Could not find file '(unknown)'.

  Use this chart to see whether the item should be removed or not! Current Data Set Found Here
Another Source Here and Here - New Search Process Here - File Extension search Here



Y Normally leave to run at start-up
N Not required - typically infrequently used tasks that can be started manually if necessary
U User's choice - depends whether a user deems it necessary
X Definitely not required - typically viruses, spyware, adware and "resource hogs"
? Unknown

Use This Startup Program To See What is Starting Up
Sysinternals Version Web File
Sysinternals Process Viewer Web File

I created this help to help people fix their computers if they get infected with virus's and spyware.  If you open your web browser and you always get popup's or you change your home page and it switches back to some other page your machine is probably infected.  Follow these steps to fix the machine.

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Use These Steps To Fix You Computer if it seems infected!

Guide Help Full Security Guide
Step 0 Download These Three Files and save them somewhere on your computer for Future Help  I use c:\setup\spyware
Download 1st  File1 v2 Hijack This Trend Version 2 Run Hijack and past your results in here
Download 2st File 2 - V1.2     WinsockXPFix.exe  LC 1.0 You can use this program to fix your internet connection if it stops working. see disclaimer below 
Download 3rd File3   RootkitRevealer  Some of the new virus's don't show up on your system this will help locate them UnHackMe File TDSSRV File Help
Unhide I cant see my files from a virus.  Use Unhide to show them  File
XP Step If you have XP you will have to run these steps for every user.  Also turn off system restore and turn if back on when you are done.  do this for ME too.
Step 1 Start the computer in safe mode and run in safe mode through step 6 if possible.
Step 2 Use the Startup Program or MSConfig to remove any programs you don't need.  Type the name in the {Name-Startup Item Box} listed above to see what it does. Use the chart to know whether It is safe or not. Restart Machine if you can to connect to the internet to get to this page and the file in step 6 through 11 or use another computer to push the files to your computer.
Step 3 Right Click IE and Delete {Cookies, Temporary Internet files, and History}   Also Go Into Settings, View Objects and remove all items.  These are Active X components that will get reinstalled when you go to a web page that needs it.
Step 4 go to Start, Run and type %temp% this will open a folder with all the temporary files on the computer.  You should be able to safely delete all these files use Ctrl + A to select all files and press the del key
Step 5 Go To Recycle Bin and Empty it! If you have Norton Protect Empty that Bin Too!
Step 6 Use Step 6-A or B or C or D to clean the machine even if you have virus software installed.  You might want to run all of them! RescueCD
New Online Scanner ESET  Kaspersky Rescue CD File 2 CreatNewIsoHelp Web Kaspersky Live Scaner Web File
Step 6-A A new tool from Microsoft that does Virus & Spyware at the same time Web Based Windows Live Safety Center New
Step 6-B If you Don't like DOS Free online scanner trend micro. Ver6 Rootkit
Step 6-C If you Don't like DOS you can try this free online scanner from CA.
Step 6-D If you Don't like DOS you can try this free online scanner from  Symantec Trial Program Choose
Download version Here
Norton Fix tool  Norton Removal Tool NSS DownloadScanner Ftp:// PE
def =
USB Help  Comcast Norton File Norton Virus Boot Help
Step 6-E

Download  this virus file VirScan.  Dat Info Found Here.  Place the files in a Directory called C:\Virus  go to dos (Start, Run, Command) and in that dir and type
scan /adl /clean /report virus.txt

This scan could take an hour to run depending you the number of files

New Fprot

You May need this WinZip Download to open the virus Program to extract the files to the C:\Virus Directory

Edit the virus.txt file after it runs and see if any virus's were found! If they were go here search for it and see what damage the virus did!

Step 6-F F-Secure Online Scanner
Step 7-G
Step 7

Download And Run This Program Adaware 1.6 SE  Ver6 + to remove Spyware Adaware Definitions

Step 8 Test your internet connection and see if the computer is running correctly See Disclaimer if Not use WinsockXPFIX Ver 1.2
Step 9 Download and run this Program Also Spybot Ver 1.4 Spybot Ver 1.3 or  Spybot Definitions
Step 10 Test your internet connection and see if the computer is running correctly See Disclaimer if Not use WinsockXPFIX Ver 1.2
Step 11 Download and run this Program  Website  SpySweeper Also to Remove Additional Spyware
Step 12 Test your internet connection and see if the computer is running correctly See Disclaimer if Not use WinsockXPFIX Ver 1.2
Step 13 Download and run the NEW Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware software from Giant   Website File 1
Step 14 Test your internet connection and see if the computer is running correctly See Disclaimer if Not use WinsockXPFIX above (DO NOT use if SP2 is install)
Step 15 Also Download and run this program Cool Web Shreder LC
Step 16 Go To Window Update and Download all Critical Updates.  Keep doing this until Critical = 0
Step 17 Re-Install Virus Protection if a Virus was found on your system.  ETrust is Giving Free Virus Software For 1 Year
Firewall You should be using a router or firewall if you have a high-speed connection.  You can get a firewall from Zone Alarm0
Online You can run this program online when you are through to see if anything is left PestPatrol or Download it
Online This is an online Spyware scanner I Haven't tried it yet! Cloud Ver Web File
Free ClamAV Website
Free Super Anti Spyware Portable Web Page
Free Analyze your Spyware XrayPC ZipFile ExeFile
Free BitDefender onlineScanner Website
Free HitmanPro Web 32 64 Kickstart USB Videos TrojanRemover
Free ERD 6 6.532 8.1.32 8.1.64  SP-x Standalone System Sweeper Definitions Site Creator Free MsEssentials Web File XP - Vista32  - Vista64
Free Malwarebytes Website File Rules Downloads
Free Combofix Program  Website File GMER File
Free Virus AVG Antivirus Software Website download File Removal Tool New AVG set_permissions Avast Webpage file New
Free  uninstall software Website File WindowsInstallCleanupUtility CDRepair

BLEEPINGComputer JRT File- Adwcleaner File- TdsKiller File - Rkill File - Malware File - CCCleaner File - RogueKiller - File - BitDef - Avira - Xfinity

Free Extras Dial-A - Fix Permissions Iobits EasyBootCD Web File dotnet2
Conficker Removal Info & Tool File website Page MSInfo MSInfo2
Removal Norton File Mcafee AVG ComcastConstantGuard symantec Cleanwipeutility
Background Background Transfer for Ie Large Files.  download to folder and run then run install.js right click ie link use background transfer.Bits 3L3@nw!pC
BSD Vista & Win7 Black Screen of death  Website  File
Check File Check a File To See If Is A Virus Software SFC
bootcd Ultimate Boot CD - download Page
ISO Burner Free Iso Burner Program ImgBurn or
ToolSet Download, Startup-autorun,-Process-BSD-Dialafix-Hijack-IEPermissions-rkill-NortonScan-Rootkit-winsockfix-uninstall-unhackme FastResolve NewView BullZip DllHostVirus PassReset
Windows 11 Show all task bar Icons run CMD Admin type [ explorer shell:::{05d7b0f4-2121-4eff-bf6b-ed3f69b894d9} ] no []

This should fix your computer.  You may have to re-install program that still crash but your computer should be working good at this point.
Also you may have to re-boot the computer many times during these steps.  
To remove some of the really bad infections look here for help.  PCHELL - SPYCHECKER - SPYWARESPIES michaelstevenstech
how to run program and bypass UAC Control - Qbooks Setups

Product Activation Help - MBR Boot Problems - Win7 ISO - Win10_Iso  Win11_Iso 7-8 to 10 7-8-10- USB-ISO - Services.Help - Download Repair CD's - Helps

Microsoft Virtual PC Download Update Standalone 7-8 Updates Use IE Only  - Update Help - Activate
You can also use the Hijack program downloaded above, But check with the News Groups for help First!
Sym - Avg - Active

Convert ICO

click on picture for details how to stop those popups.

** disclaimer:  I have used these procedures listed here with out any trouble except after running adaware on a really infected machine, the computer would not connect to the internet afterwards.  I had to reinstall the OS to fix the problem.  Note: the machines that this happened on were very infected machines.  Use this information at your own risk.  I make no warranty or guarantee that this will work for you.  I take no responsibility for this information if it causes harm to your machine or loss of data.  Backup or clone your hard drive before you use these procedures.  You may want to restore the spy-removal operation to restore connections but the infections will still be their. I have used winsockXPfix many times to repair this connection see restore the spyware below.

You can try these if you don't want to restore the spyware infections 

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SlingBox Setup

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